Martial Law 2008

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8 thoughts on “Martial Law 2008

  1. People need to wake up. There are close to 600 FEMA “immigration detention” camps in this country built by Haliburton subsidiary KBR. Google it people! These are said to be used in an “immigration emergency”. What exactly is an immigration emergency. Dont people understand that presidential directive 51 basically makes our president a dictator. Thats right folks, its signed and sealed…google it. It gives him the power to move large groups of civilians “for their own good”, he will controll all federal, state, county and local governments, he can seize any property or material for the use of the military or government, he can use private companies at his discression for the military or government, gives him full control of all agriculture and so on and so forth. Now, combine that with the wonderfull patriot act which allows the government to search, seize and arrest with no warrant. Detain you INDEFFINITELY. And you have no right to a trial (suspends habius corpus). Lets not forget finally that the president signed a bill that reverses pose comitatus…which said that the military cannot police its own citizens or take part in arresting procedures…well, thats over with. Put all these together and the constitution along with the bill of rights are not even worth the paper they are printed on any more. We are one disaster, one “terrorist attack”, one major anything in this country from the president declaring martial law, for our safety of course! But in order for it to happen peacefully, their going to need your guns please. Now, remember…you no longer have the right to bear arms because the patriot act allows search and seziure without warrant and the military can come in your home because of the reversal of pose comitatus….FEELING VIOLATED YET PEOPLE. Now that leaves us with you…..! You will probably be in an “unsafe area” due to whatever disaster has taken place so you will need to go with the nice soldiers to wherever, remeber presidential directive 51 alows the government or in this case the president to move large groups of u.s. citizens if necessay. Now where will everyone be placed. How convenient…there are six hundred empty “immigration detention camps” in this country from an “immigration emergency” that never happened. And finally lets not forget that there is no clear clause that says when the president must step down once he invokes these new powers. READ THEM FOR YOURSELF FOLKS. I called FEMA and they said they know nothing of the facilities, they said call ICE (immigration, customs enforcement) When I called them they said they were unaware of them as well(what??You dont have a computer?)Though the agent I spoke with said he would love the information I have. From what I can see about the FEMA “detention camps”…they have no bathroom facilites (that I can see) no bunking or bedding…(that I could clearly make out) and a large majority of them are old train stations or factory facilities that have been boarded up and retrofitted with barebed wire fencing. Feels homie right? Anyway, I’m not even going to say what all this resembles but hopefully you will all wake up. And by the way, everyone should look into the total number of U.N. troops that are already here for “training” on our military bases, I haven’t been able to get a solid number but the point is presidential directive 51 gives the president the right to use U.N. forces if necessary to help in a massive civil unrest situation if needed. That is so convenient, I’m sure glad their here……! Well the rabbit hole goes much deeper than this but I’m sure all you silver surfers will look into the rest without me having to hold your hand. The government sure thinks they need to.

  2. Did Congress allow this? If so, Congress is as guilty as the President. Any law that violates the Constitution is NULL and VOID from its conception. Congress knows this and all attorneys know this. Many American men and women know this.

    The rumor is that Obama is going to be assassinated and MARTIAL LAW is going to be implemented due to riots.

    If there were Godly (the I AM) men and women in government offices, this evil deception would never exist.

    Father I pray that you exterminate this evil.

  3. Well here we go! Russia invades one of its former provinces, Georgia on the opening day of the olympics. This is simply slight of hand on a global level. Everyone is looking over here when what really needs attention is happening over here. I wasnt sure what the event would be that would set all these needed government preparations into motion, but now after some thought, what a better way to start some sort of massive global conflict than this. Georgia was being welcomed into the U.N. backed by the U.S. and we have bases and troops in that country. This could easily be spun into a “Russia has attacked U.S. interests in Georgia” problem. And this could open the door to a very big problem. Not to mention that another “terrorist attack” could take place on top of an escalated event with Russia. And lets also not forget that there is also a possible event with Iran because of there “Nuclear Program”. There is now a web of possible excuses that could plunge this country into political nightmare. Oddley enough I have noticed blogs on the internet about Russian troops in America and through some of my own research I have discovered that there are thousands of Russian troops on decomissioned Army bases here that were turned over to the U.N. for “U.N. peacekeeping training facilities”. I have seen U.N. vehicles on flatbed trucks on a highway near my home heading northbound with my own eyes. Ft. Dix is north of me and oddley enough it is also one of the bases turned over to the U.N. as a training facility. Now what makes this very disturbing is the fact that if you google…U.S. Military Civil Disturbance Plan/Operation Garden Plot, (one of the most disturbing documents you will ever read) you will see that this plan allows the president to call in none other than the UNITED NATIONS to help as a “peace keeping force!The pieces of this puzzle are very disturbingly fitting together very well. There are many more disturbing things that I found in relation to this but they are speculative and I cannot confirm them and I would like to stick to the facts. I have seen the vehicles here, I know that the bases are being used and I have been told by U.S. troops that they have trained side by side with U.N. troops here in America on several different bases(one of these is a family member) I’m not sure what is about to happen but I think we are past the point of no return.

  4. P.S. If this is what is happening, be prepared for everything you can think of to keep your attention off of an escalating situation through little or no press. You will be told of political scandals, breaking news in the “anthrax case”, the war in Iraq, the olympics, anything that will keep your attention off of what is happening in Georgia to allow the situation to escalate past the point of no return with no public outcry until it is too late. The end times clock has possibly started ticking.

  5. We have 300 million people in this country, many are uneducated, the few who read stuff like this realize this is an uneasy task to take control of an entire population–look at Iraq unless I’m mistaken with disinformation campaigns we can’t even take over there and how long have we been there??? 300 million people here– hmmm… I wonder how many guns the 300 million have -what is the UN going to do hire China to come over here to quarantine us all 300 million??? What will 100 million soldiers be provided to eat– us “americans” since were useless eaters as ‘solent green’ ?? It’s going to be Lincoln as Bush in a coup??? Imagine the size of this Civil War–we’ll all be cannibals for what cause a sacrifice to Molech???? Were all cave-men again!!!

  6. Hey stuffy,

    The only reason we are having problems with the entire population in Iraq is because there are rules that the soldiers have to follow and certain protocols that the u.s. army has to follow. Imagine for one minute that the government takes the leash off of the military and sets them loose on any population in the world with no regulations except to contain and control! Yeah! Really stop and think about it for a minute! I do agree that the people of this country have the means to defend themselves but do you have any idea…any remote thoughts in the back of your mind what the military and government are possible of? If they really dont want you somewhere, you wont be there pal! Just for example go on you tube and look up (mini gun on gmc truck) yeah I said it! They have put aircraft military weapons on regular trucks. What the hell are you gonna do with your shotgun, handgun or even your M-16 against something like that! What are they going to eat….all of your food dummy! Presidential directive 51 give the military the right to all civilian resources to maintain themselves. They wont need a supply infastructure. Thats what the directive does, it creates its own internal supply chain for the military. Think of the United States as one big army depot during Martial Law. They get access to all the gas at the stations, all the modes of transport, all the food and supplies they need in any grocery store or your house fella! It will be a ransacking of the american people! All to contain and control. Why do you think there is a provision in presidential 51 that will outlaw the hoarding of food! You are right with one thing, people will turn into cave men and turn on each other they will! And you ask for what cause? CONTROL! Do you think the rich and powerfull and the politicians want to keep working for you. They have become royalty in this country and we let it happen. Last I checked they were public servants, and for some reason we treat them like they are kings and queens with access to things like limos helicopters, private retreats and so forth! They have come accustomed and could care less about SERVING you. There are still a few good politicains out there but the majority are tired of answering to you. So when the rich decide that it would be easier to control you than answer your questions the politicians agree. But just hang on to your hat. Not only will you not resist it! You will ask for it! Something will happen that will try to make you think that it will be for your own good. Just like the war in Iraq. The only reason you will agree is because you cant open your eyes and see whats right in front of you.

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